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Every year sauce makers from around the country enter the American Royal BBQ contest to find out whose sauce is the best sauce on the planet. We are proud to announce that Augie’s Pit Masters BBQ Sauce is the winner for 2022 and we couldn’t be more proud!

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After years of grilling, smoking, and BBQing, our family and friends insisted on having their own bottles of our sauces and seasonings. Now we can offer them to you, too. Made right here in the heart of Mid-Missouri from our favorite high quality ingredients, you can expect the best! Our products are lovingly dedicated to our most faithful friend, our beloved rescue German Shepherd, Augie!

Our Products

KC Pitmaster BBQ Sauce

Smokey Honey Apple BBQ Sauce

Sweet & Smokey BBQ Sauce

Sweet Rub BBQ Dry Rub

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Try any of our products on beef, pork, chicken, pasta, or seafood! Sprinkle the rub on your sandwiches! Add it to your dips! It’s marvelous on vegetables, whether you dip them, grill them, broil them, or fry them! Savor the flavor!

There are no secrets in our sauce! We use only fresh, wholesome ingredients!

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This scrumptious sauce is more than just a topping – it’s a family. Augie was a beloved pup Terry Smith and his wife saved from the Humane Society. In the early 90’s, Smith’s passion for grilling and smoking meat began. Over the years the passion turned into an obsession, and that’s when Smith began inventing his own barbecue sauce and rubs. It became clear the sauce was a hit when friends and family began asking for bottles of both. At that point they knew Smith should turn it into a business, and in 2012 he pulled the trigger. Smith decided to dedicate the one-of-a-kind sauce to his one-of-a-kind faithful friend, their beloved rescue German Shepherd, Augie. The momentum has changed since Terry retired from his previous profession. His focus is now on starting a second push with Augie’s to continue to grow his brand, and the love for the best barbecue sauce in mid-Missouri.

Made right here in the heart of Mid-Missouri, our sauces and spices are guaranteed to please. You may have already tasted our BBQ at The Big Muddy Folk Festival at Thespian Hall in Boonville. We’ve served thousands of people over the years!

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